e-Learning Live: Learning Online in Real-Time
Effective Learning
Online learning from a centralized location reduces the need for in-person meetings, which means less traveling and more time for learning.
Recorded Sessions
Sessions can be recorded and played back by learners or downloaded later for on-demand learning.
Extensive Reach
e-Learning Live lets you capitalize on audio, video and other synchronous tools to reach more instructors and more learners worldwide.
Lower Training Costs
With e-Learning Live, you can spend less on travel, lodging, catering, meeting-space requirements and many other traditional training costs.
What Is e-Learning Live?

e-Learning Live from Human Logic takes educational, training and collaborative experiences to a whole new level. It’s a dynamic electronic learning solution that allows universities, companies and government departments to provide real-time online instruction to remote users.

A virtual classroom without walls, e-Learning Live connects participants interactively through cutting-edge audio, video, whiteboard and document sharing. These multimedia technologies all combine to make e-Learning Live the ideal tool for truly synchronous online education.

e-Learning Live works seamlessly with Moodle to easily adapt to your specific needs. It is the ultimate solution for remote learners spread across campuses and corporate environments worldwide.
Features e-Learning Live
e-Learning Live offers a wide array of features to make it easy for organizations to promote real-time, online learning, including:

Audio/Video Conferencing
Allows the instructor and learners to use video and audio for a more dynamic learning experience.

Provides an electronic blackboard for the instructor and learners to write and draw on, so their contributions can be saved and accessed later.

Desktop Sharing
Gives learners an up-close view of the instructors’ PC desktop to facilitate the demonstration of applications and the illustration of complex concepts.

Presentation Broadcasting
Enables instructors to upload PowerPoint presentations to better engage learners. A red-circle pointer makes it easy for learners to follow along.

Document Sharing
Makes it possible for the instructor to share PDFs and Microsoft documents. Learners can download and view the files immediately.

Online Discussion
Promotes greater interaction between the instructor and learners. Learners can “raise their hand” virtually to get the instructor’s attention.

Session Recording
Creates a recording so learners who missed or want to review a session can play it back later.
How we can help
Human Logic is a well-established, high-quality provider of e-learning solutions. Here are some other reasons you should allow us to meet your e-learning needs:
On-Premises or in the Cloud:
We can install e-Learning Live on your servers or on our servers for access without the hassle of maintenance issues. Either way, we provide professional support.
Reliable, Proven Technology:
Our servers operate on proven, reliable technologies used by thousands of organizations worldwide. We can handle hundreds or even thousands of users simultaneously.
Pay Only for What You Use:
Because e-Learning Live uses open-source technologies, there’s no license fee. You pay only for implementation and support, as well as for each session if you host with us.
Fully Integrated with Moodle:
You have a single sign-on from Moodle on e-Learning Live, so no new accounts or passwords are needed. You can schedule/open meeting sessions directly from within Moodle.