Enterprise Document Management

Sharing & Collaboration
Amazing features that keep your latest content versions available for real-time viewing, editing and collaboration.
Workflow & Notification
Document-centered workflow and automatic notifications, so users stay informed and know when action is needed.
Quick Search
The ability to quickly search full documents, preview content online and save queries to generate faster search results.
Instant Retrieval
Document retrieval anywhere, anytime safely online, whether you’re in the office or on the road.

EDM: Powerful Online File Sharing Management and Collaboration

Managing electronic information is a serious challenge for companies large and small. Businesses have a tremendous amount of content that must be managed and archived. That’s where Human Logic comes in.

Our comprehensive enterprise document management (EDM) solution creates a centralized online repository that keeps your information accessible, organized and safe. It provides an efficient way to share, track and control the flow of information among multiple users. Our EDM can also reduce storage space and costs, save time, enhance productivity and help you comply with government regulations to avoid potential penalties. EDM is the ultimate solution for your business.
Human Logic offers two implementation platform options: Microsoft Office SharePoint and Knowledge Tree. You can select the solution that best fits your budget, needs and infrastructure.

Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010 simplifies the process of managing huge volumes of content across your organization. It provides an easy-touse online environment for document collaboration, versioning and storage. Built-in search, auditing and other features make SharePoint a highly functional solution for distributing and maintaining content from a central location.

KnowledgeTree™ enables users to easily share and manage information. You can upload, edit and store files online where they can be securely accessed - anywhere and anytime. You can also control different versions of your content to promote efficient collaboration. KnowledgeTree is the ideal paper-saving solution for maintaining your important data.
What We Can Do For You
You can depend on us to provide high-quality solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Paper-saving scanning and capture
Scan in documents individually or in batches to quickly fill the document repository and avoid routing paper copies. Scanning not only saves paper and storage space, but also conserves other resources and reduces your costs.

Efficient workflow and notification
Automatically route documents through workflow and approval processes to improve efficiency and productivity. Notifications help speed up the flow of information, so users know exactly what and when action is needed.

Easy file sharing and collaboration
EDM makes information easy to share, organize and track. It keeps the latest versions of your data available for editing and viewing, so coworkers can collaborate in real time-no matter where they are.

Quick search and preview
Search the full text of the content of documents instantly and zoom in on a specific section of a page. You can also use advanced search features and save queries to expedite search results.

Anywhere, anytime secure document retrieval
Authorized users can view documents whenever and wherever they want to safely online. Whether you’re in the office or on the road, you will always have access to the important files you need with EDM.

Document security and auditing
EDM maintains your information securely online where it can be accessed only by authorized users using SSL encryption. It also creates an audit trail to show exactly which edits and other actions were made by each user.

Desktop and backend integration
You can view the repository, upload and download information, and search and email documents from Microsoft Office applications. EDM integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and other systems through Web Services APIs.
How We Can Help
You can depend on us to provide high-quality solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization.
A-Z Solution
Human Logic offers a comprehensive solution to your document management needs. Our team of experts handles the entire process, including planning, design, implementation, training and support.
Hosting on Your Premises or in the Cloud
Human Logic gives you the option of hosting EDM software on your premises or on our servers for a maintenance-free, cloud-based solution. Regardless, we can provide you with complete installation services.
We can easily tailor EDM to match your current processes, including the look and feel of your documents. You can select from different document formats, workflow patterns and editing options.
Human Logic can integrate EDM with your backend systems, such as Microsoft Active Directory, corporate portal and HRMS. This makes it a flexible and functional data management solution.