E-Learning Content Solution
Lower Costs
eContent optimizes the process of delivering instruction and minimizes the costs of providing face-to-face instruction.
Better & Faster Learning
Research shows e-content is easier and faster for learners to digest than traditional classroom courses.
Broad Access
e-Learners can access content anywhere and anytime, allowing them to participate without geographical or time restrictions.
Learning Styles
e-Content accommodates various learning styles to address the needs and preferences of more learners.
e-Learning Content Tailored for Online Instruction

Today, the digital age has taken learning to a new level-online. Shouldn't your learning content be tailored for online use? eContent from Human Logic can give you an effective way to create dynamic academic and corporate training courses that can be easily accessed anywhere, anytime online.

Our e-learning content is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to explain instructions to a large number of people. It's also ideal for organizations wanting to use information technology to transform their content into a format that's more interesting, intuitive and practical. You can use e-learning to cater to different learning styles, promote self-paced learning, and supplement or replace instructor-led training.


Strategic Management

A university level course designed for students of management.

Blackberry Training (STC)

Training course on the features and capabilities of Blackberry devices.

Data Structure and Algorithm

A university level course designed for students of computer science.

Smart Board (Tatweer)

A course to train teachers on how to use smart boards.

Solution Packages
Human Logic offers a variety of solutions that can be customized to your distinct needs. This ensures every project that we complete is uniquely designed for our clients. We offer the following standard packages to help you focus your specifications and set a starting point for a successful content development experience.
Best for
Applicable for
What we do
What you get
Converting existing material to an e-learning course
Informational e-courses, focus on awareness

Supplement ILT*, or as learning aid

Basic Instructional Design
Multimedia and Graphic development

  • Linear Back/Next navigation
  • True/False Questions
  • Multiple Select/Single Select Questions
  • Graphics include simple text animations and are not created afresh (for example, clip art and screenshots).
Reuse existing material
Quick results

Provides information, with simple interactivities
The information is presented in a linear format
Informational e-courses, focus on awareness
e-courses that focus on application of knowledge and skills
Self-paced learning, tutor-assisted learning, or Supplement ILT*

Author Content**
Full instructional design
Multimedia and graphic development

  • Logical and Conditional Branching of screens.
  • Fill in the blank questions
  • Multiple Select/Single Select Questions
  • Drag-and-Drop/ Flip chart
  • Simple scenario based learning
  • The design comprises elements (mostly photographs with some illustrations) that enhance the learning experience and includes multimedia elements like customised vector illustrations, 2D animations that are created specifically for the program.
Enhanced interactivity
Based on fresh content.
Independent course

Provides information and a fair degree of interactivity.
Information may be presented in a non-linear format.
Simulating an activity, a process, or operation
Analytical e-courses, that focus on decision making

Training on software applications, machine operations, or, teaching a practical process
Author Content**
Full Instructional Design
Video and Simulation development, Screen Capture
Multimedia and graphic development
  • It offers multiple paths to accomplish an objective, and fosters learning by doing and learning through mistakes.
  • Multiple branches (two to three levels) and rapid response are provided to support remediation.
  • Scenario based learning with branching
  • Story-Based Learning Methodology
  • Software Application simulations
  • The design comprises elements that enhance the learning experience and includes rich multimedia elements like illustrations and animations that are created specifically for the program
  • Simulations can be presented via graphics, including complex images and animation.
Richest Multimedia
Offers a high degree of interaction
Provides real-life/application-oriented training.
Offers a high degree of interaction and provides real- life/application-oriented training.

*ILT: Instructor led training, i.e. classroom instruction.
** Content Authoring is optional if the client provides the content.
Human Logic Advantage
Why should you choose Human Logic:
End-to-end Solutions
That include everything from content authoring to delivery.
gained from developing hundreds of hours of e-Learning content.
Expert Authors
Who are knowledgeable in a variety of areas.
Instructional Design
Based on your unique needs and goals.
SCORM Compliance
So courses are deployable on any learning management system.
Multimedia-rich Courses
Featuring dynamic images, animations, audio and video.
Diverse Client Base
That enables us to understand corporate and academic requirements.
A choice of solutions
To satisfy your needs schedule, and budget.
Deployment options
Like LMS, corporate intranets and mobile-compliant formats.
Arabic and English
Customized to the language of your preference.
Dedicated Account Manager
To ensure efficiency and timeliness.