Academic e-Learning Courseware
Focus Your Efforts
Having electronic courseware available lets the instructor focus on other valuable activities, such as discussions, role-play, projects and answering questions.
Consistent Quality
e-Learning ensures the delivery of high quality online courses, regardless of the ability of the instructor or classroom environment.
Our affordable courseware allows you to deliver valuable content at a fraction of the cost of a standard university textbook.
Engaging Resource
eLearning is an additional resource that you can use to make the learning process more fun, engaging and effective.
Academic e-Learning Courseware

As e-learning content experts, Human Logic can help you leverage technology to connect your students to comprehensive online courses. Our electronic courseware is engaging material that learners can access wherever and whenever they want. The courses are developed by seasoned professors to reflect sound instructional design and follow the standard curriculum taught by institutions worldwide.

Human Logic has an ever-expanding library of ready-to-use courseware. You can purchase our online courses and place them on your university’s intranet infrastructure or you can lease access to courseware residing elsewhere. Regardless, our e-learning courseware is an easy, convenient and affordable solution for academic use.
How to Use e-Learning Courseware
Our e-learning courseware is a valuable and versatile educational resource. You can utilize it to supplement classroom learning or to serve as a primary learning resource.

Supplement Classroom Learning: e-Learning courseware makes an additional resource to enhance classroom instruction. Students can access the courseware before class as an introduction to the subject matter. They can also review the courseware after a class session for a better understanding of information already covered. Essentially, students can learn at their own pace.

Primary Learning Resource: Instructors can use e-learning courseware to facilitate classroom sessions. They can reserve classroom time for discussion, review and to answer any questions students may have about the lesson. The courseware can also be used as a full online course with discussion forums and virtual classrooms Human Logic e-Learning Live.
Our e-Learning courseware offers an array of features to support academic education. Our courseware is created by experts to ensure the highest quality.

By professors for professors
Using the most up-to-date information, as well as on-going tests to evaluate students’ comprehension.

Easily accessible
Courseware is based on standard technologies like Flash and HTML, so students can gain access with any PC or device.

Follows standard curriculum
It is designed to cover the subject in detail and fit almost any professor’s study plan.

Enhanced with multimedia
It incorporates engaging text, graphics, animations and interactive quizzes to satisfy all learning styles.

Pedagogically-sound courseware
Created by experienced instructional designers to meet industry standards and proven teaching methods.

Courseware can be deployed on Moodle and other learning management systems, as well as Internet and Intranet.