Company Profile

About Human Logic

Industries around the globe are facing increasing challenges in highly-competitive environments, from new technological trends to a demand for efficiency and ROI. This is a challenge for many organizations, but not for Human Logic; it’s an opportunity. We are hungry for information. We have the necessary knowledge, technology and world wide experience to effectively support your organization, your vision and most valuable asset—your customers. We skillfully combine our extensive expertise with customers’ insight to develop highly-advanced e-business and e-learning services. Solutions that are useful. Solutions that work. Solutions that will surpass your expectations.

Who we are

Founded in 2003, Human Logic is based in Dubai, the business and technology hub of the Middle East. We are a national UAE company that is managed and operated by local and international experts to provide clients with high-quality, high-tech solutions that can be customized to their needs.

Our unique approach of converting ideas into dynamic services has made us a leading developer of e-business and e-learning services. We are dedicated to using our specialized skills to provide the industry with the best service and highest quality solutions available. We have teams of committed professionals with years of relevant experience. We believe in aligning the right people, processes and technology with your strategic approach. This enables us to create a center of excellence that propels the adoption of best practices among organizations.

Our culture

Human Logic is guided by a unique culture that encompasses all the vital elements of cost-effective business operations, such as the culture of security, optimiza tion, stability, control, quality, education, motiva tion, simplicity and organization. Our culture rests on orientation towards goals, high level of education, self-initiative and a commitment to work, which enables us to provide advanced solutions that are well designed for the future.

Our values

At Human Logic, we appreciate flexibility and simplicity in adapting to changes in the business environment. We ensure original and complete solu tions for the unique needs of each organization and, we provide our clients with premium, reli able and secure solutions. We are proud of our past achievements and look forward to new challenges, as well as the creation of long-term partnerships based on mutual satisfaction.

Our vision

We strive to be the leading and most preferred company provider of comprehensive services by building simple, user-friendly IT solutions that are optimized to exceed customer expectations. We adhere to the philosophy of continuous improvement because the best way to enhance a business environment is by enhancing the area you know best: your core competency.

Our mission

Human Logic’s mission is to become your top choice for leveraging technology to achieve your e-business and e-learning goals. Our understanding of people, processes and clients’ objectives combined with the ability to accommodate new technologies trends and identify emerging opportunities ensures we deliver added value to our business partners at all times.

Our focus

Our focus at Human Logic is to deliver the highest-quality and most cost-effective information technology solutions. We accomplish this by blending our business know-how, broad capabilities and creative approach to meeting our customers’ needs.