With eMada, hosting your Student Information System on Microsoft Azure is just a few clicks away

eMada Student Information System, an enterprise software solution by Human Logic ushers in the seamless end-to-end management of higher education.

Leveraging Human Logic’s higher education business and technological expertise, eMada addresses the complex business problems of all educational major stakeholders be it Administration, Finance, Grants & Scholarships, Information Technology and Student transactions.

Perfectly aligned with the "credit hour" system of higher education organizations spanning the Middle East market, eMada is an “on-premise solution” built on Microsoft Stack and runs on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Additionally, it is fully web-based with customized portals designed for students, staff and key departments of the institution.

With eMada, seamless integration is as easy as it sounds

Not only is eMada comprehensive, but also adaptive and flexible in implementation. eMada can fully integrate with other existing ERP systems offering complete agility to combine software platforms for high-end business value creation through a end-to-end solution. Integration with Microsoft Office 365 and the Azure active directory is the cherry on the top.

eMada is designed from ground up as a self-service software that integrates business process workflows for each operation handled by the university. Every stakeholder enjoys anywhere-anytime accessibility to process requests and can perform operations hassle-free.

eMada already has proven success stories in integrating with Microsoft Dynamics AX as the ERP for all Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Purchase, etc.

Client organizations can thus leverage their ERP (whichever ERP solution the institution might have adopted) investments with eMada.

With eMada, each task can be organized and customized to suit your organization’s needs

Emada helps institutions manage their end-to-end administration needs with ease – from admission, registration and accommodation through to course administration and graduation.

Emada is organized into separate, easy-to-manage modules, that can mold to specific needs aligning with the existing operating procedures. Institutions can implement modules as they go and add more later based on business need––with no disruption to business.

eMada is cloud-based in addition to “on-premise”, and easily the best choice for small-to-medium scale organizations, as well as large universities.

eMada effectively takes care of tasks:

  • Admissions and Student Registrations
  • Scheduling
  • Attendance
  • Grading
  • Financials- Student billing and Payments
  • Grants & Scholarships, Sponsorships
  • Accommodation and Travel

With eMada, catering to non-uniform loads is simple

The cloud-based eMada liberates clients from having upfront capital expenditure. It does this by being able to fit the client’s physical environment perfectly on a database of their choice. It also fully integrates with other back-office surround systems.

Furthermore, the technology can be crafted to perfectly fit business requirements, making eMada highly scalable to organizations large and small.

For information, visit www.emada.com